Month: March 2016

Shut Up & Take My Money: Ivy Park

In case you’ve been just hiding under a rock all day, the queen, Beyoncé, has found another way to snatch our edges and leave us bald.

Originally announced in 2014 , Beyoncé announced a 50-50 partnership with TOPSHOP under the business name Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd, and we now know the official name of the line – Ivy Park. Of course, Ivy is a salute to her daughter Blue (who makes a cameo in the promo video) and the Park is reference to Parkwood Park in Houston.

I’m what you’d call frugal, but Ivy Park gives me an excuse to at least pretend I’m visiting TOPSHOP or Nordstrom. The power of Beyoncé. The line doesn’t officially hit stores until April 14th, but it’ll be available at TOPSHOP, Hudson’s Bay and Nordstrom.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 May Be The Best Smartphone of 2016

It’s only March, but Samsung has already packed a lot into their flagship phone with the introduction of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The iPhone 7 is rumoured to be released later this year (as it wasn’t introduced at their event earlier this month), but Apple is going to have to seriously step up their game if they want to take down the S7 and reclaim some of that market share. Read on for specs and details of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.


Instagram Adds Desktop Notifications

Well this is a nice change. If you’ve been on Instagram in the last day or so, there’s a new update that you may (or may not) have noticed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.46.43 PM

Desktop notifications!

After news of the upcoming change in algorithm that they announced last week, this is a nice change. Hopefully we’ll be one step closer to (finally) being able to post from the desktop. And working for an agency where I’m managing multiple Instagram accounts, desktop support would be #blessed.


Apple Event: March 2016 – Wrap Up

I was a little underwhelmed with the Apple Event, actually. Nothing new or revolutionary announced this time around. Apple decided to go back to the smaller versions of the same products from 3 years ago. With Apple’s 40th anniversary on April 1st of this year, I hope for a little more excitement in September, with the anticipated release of the iPhone 7. Though at this point, I really don’t know what else they can shove into the iPhone besides maybe making Siri better (I have some qualms with her, but that’s for a different post).

Yesterday, Apple released the 4-inch iPhone SE, a smaller version of the iPad Pro, new bands for the Apple Watch and software updates for the Apple Watch and Apple TV. Keep reading for highlights and details.


What to Expect: Apple Event – March 2016

Apple Events are one of my favourite tech events of the year. Behind CES, of course. The March Event is where Apple lets us know all the awesome gadgets we get to play with in the later half of the year. Here’s what’s reported to be unveiled today:


If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Break It

Photo: Digital Trends

This week, Instagram announced that they were beginning to test a new timeline for its users – one that uses an algorithm to determine the posts they think you might want to see the most, rather than just adding them to your timeline in chronological order like the current version is now.