What to Expect: Apple Event – March 2016

Apple Events are one of my favourite tech events of the year. Behind CES, of course. The March Event is where Apple lets us know all the awesome gadgets we get to play with in the later half of the year. Here’s what’s reported to be unveiled today:

The iPhone 6s Mini (or the actual rumoured name of the iPhone SE)


The iPhone SE is pretty much the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s shoved into the iPhone 5. Don’t expect it to be anything close to the iPhone 5c. While Apple is rumoured to release a smaller iPhone closer to the size of the iPhone 5s, this isn’t exactly a cheap phone. It’ll certainly have upgrades to the iPhone 5s like Touch ID, A9 processor, 8-megapixel rear camera, 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera and NFC so it’s Apple Pay enabled. Things it won’t have? 3D Touch like the iPhone 6s. But it’s not looking like anyone is overly upset about that. But like the 6s, the SE will come in grey, space grey, gold and rose gold; it’s nice to see that they’re keeping this colour line for a little while longer.

Price: Starting at $450 USD

iPad Pro Mini or the new iPad Air?


Last year, Apple released the iPad Pro; an iPad about the size of a MacBook Air coming in at 12.9 inches (and about the same price, but with less functionality). While it was touted as being Apple’s solution to the Microsoft Surface, I don’t think that many people expected it to do well. Especially for reasons like the Apple Pencil, which was the main tool you needed to get the most out of this device, wasn’t even included in the $1049 (CAD) price. But yet, it went on to outsell the Surface Pro 3 last year. That being said, Apple is expected to release a 9.7 inch iPad, but whether it’ll be considered an iPad Pro or an iPad Air is still up for debate. This new iPad is also expected to have a connector for users to attach a keyboard, which will definitely be giving Microsoft and the Surface Pro a run for their money.

Price: $599 USD for 32 GB of storage

A New Apple Watch?


Not likely. Apple is known to release new devices every single year, but after being released more than a year ago now, we’re not sure when they’ll be releasing a new one. What we are expecting is are new bands — possibly ones that have been collabs with designers — as new OS to bring the Watch’s software up to 2.2. The new OS will bring an update to Apple Maps (does anyone even use Apple Maps anymore?) and the ability to use multiple Watches with a single iPhone (should you be so lucky 😉).

Apple TV Update


After a less than overwhelming response to the new Apple TV that was released last September, Apple is expected to make a major overhaul to the Apple TV’s software and include support for Bluetooth keyboards, dictation and new entry methods for usernames and passwords

iOS Update


Nothing earth-shattering to report here. We are hoping to see the option to change colours on your iPhone and iPad to make it easier on your eyes at night though.

OS X Update


Again, nothing of huge significance to report here. A few minor changes to help improve performance, along with password-protected notes and ability to view Live Photos in iMessage on the desktop.


We’re not expecting Apple to announce any new products at this event, but it certainly seems to be the year of everything that got bigger last year to now get a little smaller. Also software updates to the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, OS X and Apple TV.

Visit Glasses & Gadgets tomorrow to read our wrap up!





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