Shut Up & Take My Money: Ivy Park

In case you’ve been just hiding under a rock all day, the queen, Beyoncé, has found another way to snatch our edges and leave us bald.

Originally announced in 2014 , Beyoncé announced a 50-50 partnership with TOPSHOP under the business name Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd, and we now know the official name of the line – Ivy Park. Of course, Ivy is a salute to her daughter Blue (who makes a cameo in the promo video) and the Park is reference to Parkwood Park in Houston.

I’m what you’d call frugal, but Ivy Park gives me an excuse to at least pretend I’m visiting TOPSHOP or Nordstrom. The power of Beyoncé. The line doesn’t officially hit stores until April 14th, but it’ll be available at TOPSHOP, Hudson’s Bay and Nordstrom.


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