Month: May 2016

Review: Meago Car Charger Adapter

People who know me well know that they’ll probably find me doing 1 of 2 things at any given time: driving or checking my phone. With the amount of things I do with my life (work and volunteering with 3 different community organizations), it means that I more often than not find myself in my car with a nearly dead phone. If I’m driving long distance, I usually have to choose between my GPS and having a full battery when I get to my destination (mind you, this is when I know I’ll be driving for more than an hour. Ain’t nobody trying to be using that much data). I’ve had car chargers before and even purchased an adapter a couple years ago that had the option to plug in two car adapters at the same time, but it wasn’t great and because of where my cup holder was, every time I went to take a sip of my drink, something would end up coming loose and that’s just not something you need to worry about while driving.



Officially Adding “Web Developer” To My Resume

I recently joined/co-founded this awesome local organization with some fantastic women. We needed a website and we needed it quickly if we were going to target both local and national brands to sponsor our upcoming event. I’ve dabbled in web development before, including creating a business website for a friend, my former business website as well as my online resume.
I’ve used for years, (Glasses & Gadgets is powered by WordPress!) and did use as a CMS for a couple jobs I’d worked in the past, but I had no idea how to set one up myself.
One of our other co-founders is a web developer full time, but is also in middle of starting her own company on top of the other one she already works for, so time was scarce for her. So this past weekend, I sat down and decided that I was going to do it.
There were definitely some hiccups along the way (like accidentally installing WordPress into the wrong folder and completely being lost in the cPanel, but hey I figured it out).
Shoutout to! They actually charged the least amount for our 2 domains (yes, even cheaper than GoDaddy) and their support team is absolutely incredible. Their offices are based in the UK so it was normal hours for them, but while I was up at 3 o’clock in the morning frustrated as hell that despite my best efforts to fix it on my own, something still wasn’t working, their online chat support is quick, walks you through everything and actually waits for you to finish before trying to move on to the next customer. Saturday night I spent an hour + trying to get MX values to load on our new mail server, and the Support Associate was great through all of it, so truly, big ups to them on their great work!
No, I’m not being paid by Namecheap to toot their horn, but good service sure as hell deserves recognition.
At the end of the weekend, I guess I did something right because now I have 4 new website projects in the works *laughs nervously*. Here’s hoping that these new clients are as happy with my work that as my team is!
Side Question: Fellow Web Devs and just anyone who reads this blog: check out our website {link to RBWS} and let me know your thoughts!