Pokémon Go is Finally Available in Canada!

After the release of the immensely popular game last week, I, like many other Canadian Pokémon fans were a little disappointed when it wasn’t officially released in the Canadian App & Play Stores. There were workarounds for both Android and iOS users, but there was speculation that downloading the unreleased version affected long-term battery performance, and resulted in some users being banned from the Play Store for up to a year.

However, finally, the Pokémon Gods have blessed us and the release date moved from the end of July to last night!


Be forewarned though, now that everyone in Canada can legally download the game, the servers are more likely to go down. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Lastly, have like a serious stockpile of nicknames you want to use. Because there are literally millions of people around the world playing the game, generic usernames aren’t gonna cut it. It took me about 15 tries to come up with something that wasn’t already used, and the username I did come up with, while sentimental, is still kinda lame. I’m not worried though, as long as I can go out and catch ’em all.


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