Frank Ocean (finally) Releases New Music

A few weeks ago, after was a mysterious live stream on his website, fans flocked to Frank Ocean’s website to watch, hoping (praying) that we would finally be blessed with some new music after a 4-year hiatus.

Much to mine and other fans dismay, there was no new album. But, after months of trolling, rumours and crushed dreams, Frank finally dropped some new music this morning!

Titled Endless the new album is a visual album, and a change from what was originally thought to be titled Boys Don’t Cry. The accompanying video to Endless is a black & white video, and a continuation of Frank building away in the shop. In my opinion, the visuals are a great accompaniment and the whole album is the perfect way to chill out on a Friday morning.

Various sources are reporting that Endless is actually a completely separate project from his highly anticipated third studio album, and that we may be getting that album this weekend.

A double-dose of Frank? Yes, please.

You can watch the full video here, and the full album is now available via Apple Music.



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