Instagram Moves Disappearing Stories to Direct

If you can’t beat ’em, copy literally every feature they offer and add it to your platform.

After adding direct photo messaging and stories to both Instagram and Facebook Messenger, Instagram had already another page right out of Snapchat’s playbook by adding the option for users to directly share disappearing photos between users.

Previously, users could pick and choose if they wanted everyone to see their stories, or limit viewing to a select few. This new feature now enables users to send messages one-on-one or to a small group of people, with both permanent and disappearing messages showing up in the same inbox.

So how do I send one?

To start sending disappearing messages, swipe left or tap on the paper airplane on the timeline page, which will bring you into Instagram Direct. Tap on the blue camera icon to send disappearing message to that person.

When you receive a disappearing message, they’ll be highlighted in blue in your conversation thread.Senders will be notified once their messages have been viewed, and once they’re watched, they’re gone – but with the way things have been going with Facebook Messenger and Instagram, a replay option is probably not too far behind.



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