Apple Watch Series 1 Review; Part I – The Purchase

To make this review a little easier to digest, I’m gonna break this post down into 3 smaller posts. Keep scrolling for Part I, or click here for Part II and Part III.

Back in November, my Fitbit decided it was done with life. It was a relatively slow process though. It started with a little air bubble on the band, right under the computer.


The air bubble kept getting bigger and bigger until I finally contacted Fitbit. Since I was out of warranty, they wouldn’t send me a new one and that was completely fine, but I was willing to pay to get it fixed. Fitbit doesn’t fix their products. The best that they could offer me was 25% off a new tracker, but only if I spent $200 or more. Considering the only Fitbit that’s over $200 was the Blaze and that clocks in right at $200 before taxes. If that 25% coupon could have been applied to the Alta, there’s a good chance I’d still be using a Fitbit, but alas, lesson learned. If a company won’t take your money to fix their product, there’s a REALLY GOOD chance that the actual cost to make that product is pretty low and they’re making a killing selling it at a 1000% markup.

After that unfortunate experience, I was left watch/tracker-less for around 6 months. Yes, I could have just bought any old watch, but as a self-identified tech geek, what fun would that be? I had been contemplating purchasing smart watch for a while, but all the ones that I loved either didn’t have the compatibility with the iPhone (like the Moto360 or Samsung Gear) or just really weren’t that cute (sorry, Pebble lovers). I’m pretty deep into the Apple ecosystem now (iPhone 6s Plus, MacBook Pro, 2nd Gen Apple TV & 2nd Gen iPad), so breaking away from the ecosystem just to get a smart watch that wasn’t even fully compatible with my phone didn’t exactly seem the most reasonable. That left me with just one option – the Apple Watch.

Anyone who knows me knows that I do a stupid amount of research before I buy anything, and  in reality I think I just wanted a new activity tracker, but a lot of them don’t actually have watch faces (Jawbone UP, Misfit, Moov Now) or they have those “sport” bands similar to the Fitbit (Garmin VivoFit, Samsung Gear Fit 2) and after everything that happened with that, it left me a little apprehensive. The research I do prior to buying is to:

1) make sure the exorbitant amount of money that I’m probably going to spend on this item is actually worth it, and,

2) to see if the capabilities and functionalities work into for my specific needs.

After looking into the Apple Watch, I wasn’t over the moon about it, especially when it was $359 CAD and didn’t exactly seem like something I needed. If I had a dollar for every time I did research on smart watches and activity trackers, I probably just could have bought them all and picked the best one for me based on my actual experience. Finally, after literal months of research and contemplation, I headed to the Apple Store. The Apple Store on the weekend is a hellish place to be. In the last 3 years haven’t been able to make it out of an Apple Store in no less than 1 hour, so I prepared myself for a long wait. Maybe it’s because they actually had an adequate amount of staff that day, or maybe it’s because I was the only person looking for a Watch at the time, but I made it out of there in less than 20 minutes with a brand new, Series 1 – 38 mm Apple Watch in Pink Sand.



Part II


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