Apple Watch Series 1 Review; Part II – The Setup

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I obviously wanted to play around with it the second I got it, but I had a bunch of errands to run afterwards so it was another few hours before I actually opened the box. As I began setting up, I didn’t even make it past the Language preference screen before I was prompted to charge, with the battery being at 43%. I also had to work that night so I didn’t even get to play around with the watch until around 11 pm that night.


The first thing I noticed is that the Apple Watch takes a REALLY long time to boot up. Like if the Apple Watch had a race against my mom’s 2008 Dell Studio running Windows XP, the Dell could take the time to connect to the Wifi and STILL beat the Apple Watch. So right from the jump I knew I’d definitely have to avoid turning it off or letting it die completely at all costs. When I did finally get into the set up, I did like that it asks you specifically which wrist you wear your watch on and which side you wear the crown on (I’m sure most if not all smart watches/activity trackers do this as I did have to do it for my Fitbit, but I still enjoy having these options).


I wasn’t particularly overjoyed with the Faces options either. A few of them I wish I could have combined together to get exactly what I wanted, but I ended up choosing the Modular Face with a digital clock and customized to have the battery life, Activity, Messages and Phone. I will admit I was a little dumb setting this part up, but I didn’t realize that to Sync Photos, the default album the photos come from is Favourites (I still haven’t figured out how to pull them from another album) and I spent at least a 15 minutes trying to figure that out.


Next, I chose the apps I wanted to come up in the menu. This may be less of Apple’s fault and more the fault of the developers of the Apps I use but basic things like my Scotiabank app wouldn’t work. I tried half a dozen times to get Quick Balance to work and I either got “Unable to Process Request” or the just the spinning wheel of death. I finally gave up and uninstalled the app from the watch.

The Instagram app is just absolute trash. You can’t zoom in to see photos (which might be a little helpful considering you’re looking at a 1.5” – 1.75” screen!), and you can’t switch accounts. The feed is also extremely limited, and you’ll get through maybe 10 pictures before it’s considered the “end”. I stopped using Apple’s native Mail app just about 8 months ago when iOS 10 came out and Mail stopped working on my iPhone. I’ve since used Alto and Spark, but I can’t read emails past the first couple sentences and still have to go to my phone to read them.

Even the Twitter feed, again, it’s pretty limited. Perhaps my expectations of what a smart watch should be were skewed as but I was hoping that because the Apple Watch is specifically made for the iPhone, it would be more of an extension than I guess an extra step. With the ability to remove stock apps from the iPhone with iOS 10, I was definitely disappointed when I couldn’t remove stock apps from the Watch. The screen is only an inch and a bit long and it gets cluttered pretty quickly so I would have preferred the ability to clean things up a bit.


Pictured (Left-Right, Top-Bottom): Weather, Camera, Mail, Photos, Phone, Map, Calendar, Word Clock, Clock, Timer, Workout, Messages, Wallet, Time, Breathe, Activity & Facebook Messenger. I use about 4 of these apps.

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