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Hi there! I’m Keshia.

I’m a 20-something that works as a Community Manager by day and prefers the terms “snake people” to “millennials”. By night, I’m what you’d call a little busy. I write about tech and pop culture for Glasses & Gadgets, I volunteer for Twist Out Cancer and I’m also a part-time officer in the CIC (Cadet Instructor Cadre).

What is G&G?

In the simplest words, Glasses & Gadgets is a blog on tech and pop culture. My goal for Glasses & Gadgets is to not only finally realize my childhood dream of getting to play with gadgets all day long, and to put my status as Resident Tech Advisor to good use, but also to write about tech (more specifically: mobile devices and portable electronics) in a way that would make it easy for my mom to understand.

What can you expect to see on G&G?

Social Media – changes, new sites, hacks and more
Reviews – gadgets, apps, social media
Pop Culture – new music, trending topics and more

You can find G&G on:


Or email me at: glassesandgadgets@gmail.com


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